If you're well informed you'll be able to have a proper discussion with your parents on the subject. You might find they know quite a bit and have some useful things to say. But how do you start?


Your style might be to shut off and clam up. Just for a change, try to talk it through. Or your parents might not want to a talk about things. Instead of just leaving it, ask them to talk about it, and if they still won't, ask them what they're afraid of. Here's some ideas:


  • Think about what you want to say and don't get side-tracked

  • Keep off sensitive subjects if you are having communication problems with your parents

  • Use opportunities, like TV ads or school work to get a discussion going

  • Talk about the use of drugs in our society

  • Ask about their drug use - tea, coffee, medicines, tobacco without being accusing

  • Listen for opportunities to start a discussion

  • Try not to automatically react badly to the things they say that usually annoy you

It really is good to talk