All young people find talking to their parents an enormous help for a huge range of issues and problems. Talking to them about drugs and alcohol doesn't have to be any different.
The most important thing to remember when talking to your parents is
they were young once as well and maybe, just maybe they may have advice and information that might help.


Most young people have things they want to keep private from their parents. That's natural, but sometimes we want to talk to our parents about things and can't. So we get into the habit of not telling them anything about ourselves at all.

Talking to your parents

If I talk to my parents they will think that I am doing it?

A lot of young people say that if they talk about alcohol or drugs, their parents will think they're taking them. This can be a big block to starting an open and honest conversation. You'll need to reassure them, and look out for opportunities to raise the issue where it doesn't look like you're pointing the finger at yourself.


Maybe there's an item on the TV news, or an advert that can lead you into a discussion. Let them know that it's important for you to talk about alcohol or drugs with them because you want to know about their own opinions and knowledge.