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This is a thought provoking video, which asks the question what does doing something 'like a girl' actually mean? It notes that doing something like a girl, for many people, means doing it in an apparently 'girly' way i.e running with flapping arms, throwing feebly etc. The video wants to challenge the view that doing something like a girl is a negative thing, and highlights this effectively with the use of young people.


It is a useful video and can be used during lessons to challenge gender stereotypes and to empower the female gender. 

This is an interesting video that can be used to introduce young people to notions of masculinity and feminism.


The most effective way to run this session is to play the video and to ask young people to either work in groups (or run this as a classroom debate if you have the confidence) to answer the following questions;


1. How does this video portray men and women?

2. Does this video promote equality and the gender empowerment of women?

3. What messages (good and bad) does this clip provide about masculinity and feminism?

This is a website which has a comprehensive list of the various gender and sexuality terms, including their definitions. It's a useful resource to emphasis that gender is not simply male and female, and that sexuality may not simply be straight versus homosexual.

This is an interesting TedTalk which explains how gender is not a simple binary subject. The video makes understanding gender easier by making it funny and by explaining it in a watchable understandable way.