Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are vital to any young person's general well-being and are crucial for positive growth through adolescence. Often however relationships are not healthy. Trust that is formed can be used to exploit and controlling relationships can harm self-confidence and lead to body image issues. Understanding what makes a healthy relationship is important to realise when you're not in one.


This topic discusses ideas of what makes a relationship, body images and issues around this, the threat of grooming and exploitation and the idea of power and controlling relationships.

  • 34% of adolescent boys and 49% of girls have been on a diet to change their body shape or to lose weight

  • 42% of girls and young women feel that the most negative part about being a female is the pressure to look attractive


  Source: All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image (2013) Reflections on body image

What is a relationship?

Body Image

Grooming & Exploitation

Power and Control