Emotional Health

Being healthy is not just about physically staying free from illness and injuries. To be healthy you also need to be emotionally healthy, and noticing when someone is emotionally unhealthy is a lot harder than noticing when someone is ill. Emotional health is about a lot of introspection, often with the person themself noticing something feels different or wrong.


Being emotionally healthy ensures young people can control their emotions and behaviours and is important in creating positive relationships or recovering from negative experiences. Young people who aren't emotionally healthy are also more likely to take part in risky behaviours, especially
smoking, drinking and taking drugs.


This specific section covers areas which includes:

What is emotional health?

12.6% of boys and 10.3% of girls aged 11 to 16 year-olds have a diagnosable mental health problem, of which 3.7% of them are emotional disorders.

Source: The Children and Young People's Health Outcome Forum

Looking after your emotional health

 Stigma and stereotypes 

Exam / School Stress