About us.

In-Formed is a service provided by The Training Effect and funded by Oxfordshire County Council for young people, schools and parents that delivers services related to risk-taking behaviours and adolescent concerns and issues. These are delivered using a life-skills based approach, this means a focus on skills rather than just knowledge.


We do this as we believe that a focus only on the knowledge of a risk, what makes it risky and the possible consequences is a limited approach when it comes to helping children and young people make better choices. This is more commonly known as the 'Information Deficit' model, the belief that young people engage in risk because they don't know enough about the risks and dangers.


In our experience young people often have very good information and knowledge related to a wide range of risk-taking behaviours but that doesn't mean they don't engage in them! This is where we come in, our approach is one which focuses on additional factors such as perception, attitudes, beliefs, the influence of family and peers and helping young people recognise their own priorities and drivers.

Put simply we help young people build the skills they need to make positive informed choices which work for them.


At the core of our service is the delivery of a range of evidence based sessions around risk-taking behaviours across all secondary schools in Oxfordshire, focussing on delivering engaging and informative sessions which help young people effectively self-manage their own risk. The sessions we deliver include: healthy relationships, consent, gender stereotyping, managing risk, alcohol, drugs and many more. 


All members of the delivery team have extensive experience of working around risk-taking behaviours from healthy relationships to drug education. This combined experience will help support young people, schools and their families around making informed choices and help young people gain life skills.


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